Riveron Labrador Retrievers – Ideal as Family Pets or Remarkable Hunting Companions for over 40 years!

At Riveron Labrador Retrievers we have been breeding quality Labrador Retrievers since 1974.

We are not a large kennel, but rather a select breeder that is focused on producing a very specific type of Labrador Retriever. Our dogs are working Labrador Retrievers, born to please their master, whatever the task at hand. They are extremely intelligent and incredibly easy to train, making them a wonderful pet as well as a superior hunting dog. This type of Labrador Retriever is often chosen to become seeing eye or drug detection dogs. The fact that our Labrador Retrievers are so smart, adaptable, and willing to please makes them an ideal companion. Already convinced? Find out more about our guaranteed Labrador puppies.

Our Labrador Retrievers

They can retrieve birds all day for the hunter in the family or take a walk in the park with the kids or just relax on the porch. If you have ever owned, or encountered a Labrador Retriever, with human like intelligence and a special sparkle in his eye, you understand what our Labrador Retrievers are all about. References from extremely happy Labrador Retriever owners from Ontario Quebec and Vermont are available upon request.







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